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Survey by 13th Feb 2022

The Vale of Glamorgan is carrying out a further survey into Well-being in the Vale which includes future plans for the Art Central Gallery. Members are invited to take part and send in their views. The details are:

The Vale Public Services Board (PSB) is consulting on its second Well-being Assessment which will be published in April 2022.

The assessment is an important part of the PSB’s work as it covers issues relating to social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being in the Vale. The Assessment provides an analysis of the state of well-being for Vale as a whole and for distinct community areas.

The Community areas used in this assessment of well-being are Barry, Eastern Vale and Western Vale and these are consistent with the areas used in the last well-being assessment published in 2017.

The assessment will inform the development of a Well-being Plan which must be published in 2023 in accordance with the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Your time in reading all or part of the assessment is appreciated and we welcome your views either in response to the online survey [click this link and wait] or by emailing: [email protected] by the 13th February 2022.

Dear Art Central Friends,  

Art Central review by Vale of Glamorgan Council

The consultation on the review of Art Central is ongoing. It is one of many things caught up in the Covid-19 crisis.

Although it is important to keep looking for opportunities to promote Art Central, more optimistically I can report that when the review was being considered by the Scrutiny Committee of the Vale of Glamorgan Council we had 6 attendees from committee to speak to the councillors in open session.

Those who attended were me, speaking on the general points and the Arts economy, Jane Salisbury on education, Alan Salisbury on managing a gallery, Jill Davies as a member of the public and of Art Central Friends, Eve Hart representing Vale of Glamorgan Artists (VOGA) and local artists, and Tony Curtis on joining up arts across the Vale. We did not just turn up and have a say. The session was planned by us. Each person was only meant to take 3 minutes. We made sure that we were not going to say the same thing over and over again. We were well organised. The Scrutiny Committee could see the enthusiasm that we all put forward. All of us were well received and we came away with a positive feeling.

No matter how positive we felt, we continued to promote Art Central and we had a good turnout at the next exhibition when we were able to mix with councillors and engage them in positive conversation.

There is no indication when this review will be completed. Bear in mind that positive responses can sometimes be given because they are the easiest responses to give. Promoting the value of Art Central is our priority during what may otherwise be a period of inactivity.

I urge everybody to continue to be positive about the gallery and whenever possible promote it as a vital part of the Arts in the Vale.

Dennis Clarke, Chair, Art Central Friends

Link to consultation page:

The Survey link is on their webpage.

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Life Drawing Sessions at £12 each on Thursday afternoons 1-4pm at St Francis Millennium Hall, Barry have been suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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